In June of 21, after a rigorous vetting process, Limitless Child International was accepted to the Global Giving family of upstanding, action-oriented, worthy non-profits. You will find the following fundraising (both active and fully-funded)  projects on their site:


Soccer Empowers 80 At-Risk Girls in India


This project uses soccer to empower 80 vulnerable girls living in the orphanages and slums of India. Most of these girls are surviving but they don't have the chance to thrive. Through soccer, they experience success, learn the value of team-work, increase their self-esteem and have a lot of fun! Most importantly, they create lasting connections with coaches/mentors during this year-long project. Through this project, these girls can move from surviving to thriving!

Total Goal: $8,000


Children living in orphanages, institutions and extreme poverty are ignored by their local communities, face gender and class discrimination and live isolated lives. They are very often deprived of play and nurturing connections with adults and mentors. The current body of research conducted on play deprivation for institutionalized or profoundly marginalized children points to negative outcomes in mental health, social connections, and physical development.


Sport and play activities can have a stabilizing impact on vulnerable children through supporting and encouraging resilience. Resilience being the ability to adapt and thrive in difficult circumstances. This project supports resilience by giving vulnerable girls opportunities to develop social and problem solving skills, to learn to express emotions and gain self-confidence, to connect with positive role models, and to have fun and experience the challenge and exhilaration of playing a sport.

Long-Term Impact

Children in orphanages or in extreme poverty eventually transition into the community without the safety provided by a family or a nurturing relationship with an adult. They often become sex workers, child brides or domestic slaves. In the long term, this project creates new, invaluable and lasting connections to mentors, coaches, champions and friends which lead to healthy activities, positive paths, safe environments and a hopeful future for 80 vulnerable girls.



STEM Education for 120 At-Risk Children in India

Limitless Child’s Mobile Play and Learning Center is changing lives for vulnerable kids through STEM education!

Wondering what the heck a Mobile Play and Learning Center is? It is a re-purposed Indian rickshaw that travels between orphanages and marginalized communities. Once parked it converts into a super cool “maker space” bringing education, innovation and creativity to children!

The goal of the Mobile Play and Learning Center is to engage and connect children. We provide hands-on learning opportunities to help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and to foster the ability to collaborate. And most important of all, we facilitate connections and empowering relationships between kids and mentoring adults. Adults who will become these kids’ champions!