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Too many children simply exist. They survive but do little else, trapped in the isolation of an orphanage or confined by the extreme poverty of slums. Life in a slum or orphanage presents constant risks for young girls, including early school drop out, child marriage, forced labor, and sexual and domestic violence.

Your sponsorship helps to provide a pathway not dictated by fate, but full of hope. It allows vulnerable children do more than simply survive.  Your sponsorship helps them to thrive, to learn, to play and gain the tools they need to overcome adversity.

We utilize play, sport and learning to make a difference.  Play is an essential building block for every child's well-being and play through sports gives opportunities for healthy physical development, learning the value of teamwork and conflict resolution, building connections with caring adults, and the development of healthy self-esteem and confidence. In short - opportunities to thrive.  

Your Connection with a Child

and a Community


Sponsoring a child is more than financial support. It is a relationship that lets them know someone cares. You can connect by writing letters and emails, or sending cards and gifts. Financial support and personal relationship gives them not only a chance to learn, grow and connect, it gives them the encouragement they need to succeed.

Supporting a Community of Vulnerable Girls ensures that no child will be left out because they were not sponsored. Our local experience shows the biggest impact comes when we pool resources to support all of the girls. But without your sponsorship, our impact will be smaller since we will need to spread our resources further in order to support everyone. The more children that are sponsored the more we can meet our commitment to this community and see the girls move from just surviving to thriving!


Some of the Girls Who Would Benefit From Your Sponsorship

Click on the photo above to see a sample sponsorship letter.

Click on the photo above to see a sample sponsorship letter.


What Your Sponsorship Does


The Peer Sports & Play Program is unique and has high impact. It is unique in that it provides both annual Peer Soccer Clinics along with year-round coaching. The Peer Soccer Clinics bring high school and college aged coaches from the US to ignite the spark of soccer into the lives of young girls from a slum community. This model of peer coaching promotes additional forms of connection and helps to foster global citizens. The friendships and learning that takes place during the clinics have a lasting impact on both the Peer Coaches and the girls you will sponsor.

This is just one aspect of our program. Because we truly believe that play is a basic human right and foundational to healthy development, we encourage the girls to play year round. Our program allows these children play every week, throughout the year with coaches, equipment, and a safe place to play.

Your sponsorship enables our year-round program, along with the annual Peer Soccer Clinics, to have the biggest impact. Your financial support is used for equipment, field rental, uniforms, transportation, counselors, coaches and sessions on the importance of nutrition, education, and their human rights. Most importantly, your sponsorship helps these incredible young girls to know that they are important, valued, and empowered.

Child Sponsorship Opportunities

Once you make your sponsorship donation, one of the 40 girls will be assigned to you within 24 hours. You’ll receive a letter from the girl you sponsor, a picture of them in uniform or celebrating at their banquet along with bi-annual updates.  

Your sponsorship enables one girl to participate in our Peer Sports Program clinic (10 soccer sessions over 8 days), uniforms, equipment, coaching, additional nutrition, and weekly practices for 12 months! Recurring donations can range from a one-time donation of $250 down to monthly recurring donations of $20. You’ll see your options on the donation page.

Here’s how it works

  • First, you’ll submit your donation and then you will be matched with a child to sponsor within 24 hours.

  • Second, you will receive an initial report and photos of the child who you have been matched with.

  • Third, your support will be transmitted to our partners to cover all of the costs associated with playing soccer year round; including rental of a safe playing field, coaches and counselors, equipment, uniforms, and supplemental nutrition and participation in the annual Peer Soccer Clinic.

  • Forth, program staff members in US and India will check in on the child, monitor the program throughout the year, and you will receive bi-annual reports, including photos and highlights from the end of the year Peer Soccer Clinic.

  • Fifth, you will be able to correspond through letters and email with the child you have sponsored.

  • If you want to go beyond sponsorship, experience it all by contributing your relevant skill set as you travel with us to India.  It’s not a tour or vacation, but you will be helping vulnerable children thrive! Contact us here for details. 

Our Child Protection Policy

WE BASE our work on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, the Better Care Network: Better Volunteering, Better Care Guidelines, the U.S. Government's Action Plan for Children in Adversity and other principals which guide our work and ensures we utilize best practices and child protection guidelines. Child protection is at the forefront of our sponsorship program and in an effort to ensure the safety and protection of every child we enlist, among others, the following policies:

  • All sponsorship activities must be child-centric and be done within the best interest of the child and their community.

  • All participants and the staff of Limitless Child International and staff of partner organizations (but not sponsors) are required to complete 3 hours of education on Child Protection.

  • All reports, photos, and correspondence between sponsor and child must be exchanged through Limitless Child International.

  • Sponsors must agree that they will not attempt to contact the child being sponsored other than through Limitless Child or through Limitless Child's partner organizations in India.

  • Limitless Child will not provide, under any circumstances or appeals, the full name, specific location or any other information which could fully identify the girl being sponsored. 

  • All children in the sponsorship programs must have a participation agreement executed by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Children and their families must agree that they will not attempt to contact the sponsor other than through Limitless Child or through Limitless Child’s partner organizations in India.

  • Sponsorships are used to promote the well-being of the sponsored child and their community. Direct cash transfers to the child or their family are not utilized.