Too many children are trapped in an orphanage or confined by the extreme poverty of slums. They are at constant risks for early school dropout, child marriage, forced labor, and sexual and domestic violence.

Your sponsorship allows vulnerable children to do more than simply survive – it helps them thrive, and gain the tools they need to overcome adversity.

Your Connection with a Child

and a Community


Sponsoring a child is more than financial support.  It is a relationship that lets them know someone cares.  You’ll let them know by connecting through letters emails or sending cards.

Supporting a Community of Vulnerable Girls ensures that no child will be left out because they were not sponsored.  Our experience shows the biggest impact comes when we pool resources to support all the children.  Without your sponsorship, our impact will be smaller since we will need to spread our resources out.  The more children that are sponsored the more we can meet our commitment to each child.

Some of the Girls Who Would Benefit From Your Sponsorship

Click on the photo above to see a sample sponsorship letter.

Click on the photo above to see a sample sponsorship letter.


What Your Sponsorship Does


First and most importantly, your sponsorship helps these incredible young girls know that they are important, valued, and empowered.  Your Sponsorship also,

  • Enables your sponsorship child to participate in our Peer Sports Program clinic, and weekly practices and coaching for 12 months.

  • Helps purchase equipment, pay for field rentals, uniforms, and transportation.

  • Subsidizes the counselors and coaches who guide and lead each child.

  • Supports sessions on the importance of nutrition, education, and human rights.

  • Forms lasting friendships between young girls from the U.S. and the vulnerable children in India

How To Sponsor A Child

Recurring donations can range from a one-time donation of $250 down to monthly recurring donations of only $20!  You’ll see your

 options on the donation page. 

  •  Start your sponsorship by  submitting your donation.

  • You’ll then be assigned one of girls (please read our Child Protection Policy).  

  • Next you will receive a letter from your sponsorship child, their initial report, and photo.

  • After 3 months you’ll receive bi-annual reports, including photos and highlights

  • Throughout the year, you will be able to correspond through letters and email with the child you have sponsored