The Arty Party at Dyer

The more people hear about Limitless Child the more supporters we gain!  That's been true since we started last year and it is certainly true of our experience with the Dyer Elementary School here in Portland Maine.  The teachers at Dyer are advanced educators who have there very own Fab Lab (a part of the MIT network) and give their students the opportunity learn through creation, technology and fun. 

It's been a natural connection with the teachers and students at Dyer so we were not surprised when they offered to make Limitless Child International their chosen charity for this year's Arty Party (a night when the Dyer students show their artistic abilities to the local community).  The kids jumped right on and decided to sell some of their creations with the proceeds benefiting the children served by Limitless Child International.   And they will be sponsoring and staffing two of our 'makers stations' at our upcoming Make It Matter Fair on June 18th.


- Jenny Mills, Executive Director