Bringing Learning and Play to Underserved Children

The pilot program for our Mobile Learning and Play Center will take place the second week of September.  Our Mobile Learning and Play Center is a retrofitted rickshaw filled with STEM related learning play opportunities to children in orphanages and vulnerable children living in the impoverished communities.  The curriculum for the Mobile Center incorporates age appropriate elements such as 3D printing, laser cutting, circuit building along with basic education. 

Our pilot launch includes a weekly rotation of 3 orphanages and communities.  Not only is the Mobile Center a unique platform but also is unique in that it integrates children in orphanages with their local communities with a goal of establishing permanent relationships between the children and caring adults.  This type of integration can help move children from the orphanage to local families and towards independent living.

Our thanks to Makers Asylum (a local technology association in India) and Coby Unger (an industrial design artist) for helping us to launch our Mobile Learning and Play Center.

You can follow the Mobile Center right here on our News and Events page, our monthly newsletter and Facebook page.

We are very excited to bring our unique, cutting edge and 'cool' Mobile Learning and Play Center to vulnerable children.  We'll report on our progress so be sure to follow along.


Jenny Mills, Executive Director