LCI Presents at International Conference in India


Limitless Child Executive Director, Jenny Mills, will be heading back to India in March to present at the International Conference on Nurturing Global Mental Health – A Paradigm Shift, hosted by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University School of Social Work.

Jenny's presentation is titled "The Role of Play in Creating Thrivability in Vulnerable Children" and links directly to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal #3, which is to promote mental health as an integral part of human development. The conference will highlight the importance of mental health care and the need for evidence-based intervention across all spheres.

The global conference, held jointly with the University of Buffalo, has the following objectives:

  •  Nurture global mental health through a holistic approach,
  •  foster mental health in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals,
  •  identify the gaps and possible interventions in the existing mental health facilities,
  •  address the emerging mental health issues as a result of societal change and development and
  •  understand the role of spirituality and evidence based-practices for enhancement of mental health.

The full paper will be published and available on our website in March.