Their First Professional Soccer Game!

How do you give 43 girls who live in the slums of Pune, India, the opportunity to thrive?  Take them out of Pune, travel to Mumbai, and let them watch their first professional soccer game!  As part of our Limitless Peer Sports Program, we took their first soccer game, which pitted the Delhi team against the Pune team, (their home town!).  So the girls a special reason to be excited and to cheer no matter what was happening on the field!  

Angeli told us, "This was the first time we left the slums.  It was so exciting to travel to Mumbai!  I want to come again!"  The Limitless Peer Sports Program gives Angeli and the other girls somethings they never had; a reason to cheer, a chance to explore their culture and hope for a better life.    

The soccer game is just one part of our Limitless Peer Sports Program.  Our program consists of annual soccer clinics run be our high school and college volunteers from Portland, Maine; weekly soccer games and training, and excursions to life outside the slums. 

The impact of our Peer Sports Program is easy to see in the before and after pictures and videos below.  

Pre 2017 Peer Sports.jpg