Your Relationship, Your Connection : Child Sponsorship @ Limitless Child

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Child Sponsorship Program @ Limitless Child! Here’s what sponsoring a child means at Limitless.

Child Sponsorship is an opportunity to personally connect with a child in need. Your connection will support and encourage them as they move from isolation and extreme poverty. Vulnerable children need you to help them reach their potential and create a life filled with limitless possibilities.

Sponsoring a child is more than financial support. It is a relationship that lets them know someone cares. You can connect by writing letters and emails, or sending cards and gifts. Financial support and personal relationship gives them not only a chance to learn, grow and connect, it gives them the encouragement they need to succeed.

Please consider sponsoring one of the 40+ girls participating in our programs. They need more than just your financial support - they need you.

Jenny MillsComment