Creating Global Citizens

Katie was a regular student with a regular life. At the University of New England she studied to become a Physical Therapist and was on the women’s soccer team. At home she was a loving daughter who did the same things most young people do; spend time on social media, hang out with friends and avoid doing household chores!

Two years ago, I made a presentation on Limitless Child and the impact our programs were having on the vulnerable children we serve. The students listened attentively and asked a few questions when I was done. Katie was one of those students.

Upon wrapping everything up, Katie immediately came up to me and said “I’m going with you to India!”

For the next two years, Katie traveled with us as part of our Peer Sports Program. As a seasoned soccer player, Katie was a natural fit as a Peer Coach. This year Katie will be acting as our Lead Coach!

Katie reports that she now has a sense of what it means to be a Global Citizen - she identifies being part of an emerging world community, recognizing the value of other cultures, peoples and connection, and whose actions contribute to building the world’s values and practices. Her awareness of and interaction with the myriad of cultures and people her in Portland is heightened, valued and a way to build a safe, integrated communities in Maine.

Jenny MillsComment