In my work I saw a profound lack of interest in the importance of providing a childhood and giving institutionalized children their personal history and life story. It became my personal mission to address these gaps and provide the precious elements of childhood. As a mother myself, I cannot imagine my child living without the gift of childhood. Every child deserves a childhood.
— Jenny Mills, Executive Director

For over 20 years our team has seen how humanitarian aid has successfully supported the right of every child to survive.  We have also known that survival is not enough.  Children must also thrive. 

Our experience and scientific research shows that a thriving childhood is based upon a strong beginning through play, exploration, community, and relationship.  Together they form the foundation for a strong beginning, a flourishing childhood and a hope-filled future.  

Limitless Child International was created to honor the lives of children who did not thrive, those who may not have survived and to celebrate the lives of those who still have a chance.



Our mission is singular, but there are many ways to achieve it and the impact will last a lifetime. Our two programs, Make it Matter and Peer Sports & Play, are focused on community connections not institutional isolation, on thriving not just surviving and on opportunities not limitations

Make it Matter: Breaking limits through technology

“Technology is a place where kids can hold an idea in their hands; take their ideas and turn them into opportunities.”

— Sarah Boisvert, Past Board Member & Founder of Fab Lab Hub

3-D Printed Prosthetics

Impact India Collaborative

Mobile Play & Learning Centers


Peer Sports & Play: Connecting through fun

Play is a vital and fundamental part of the human experience; it is important to the lives of children in that it gives them pleasure in being alive and is essential to their healthy physical and mental growth, ability to function in the culture and society in which they are born.
— - International Play Association

Peer Sports

Community Playgrounds

"Every child deserves a childhood. A time of magic and wonder. Of safety and security. A time to discover what life has to offer."                                                                                  Jim Greenman    


We are a group of passionate individuals who believe in the power of a positive childhood experience. With a collective 110+ years of experience in international child welfare, our staff and Board of Directors bring expertise, professionalism, and a whole lot of heart.