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The Fox Bell Learning Center

 The Fox Bell Learning Center at Sri Aurobindo Intergral School, will create opportunities for children from orphanages and the local community to play, explore, learn and build empowering connections. The primary element of the Learning Center will be Limitless Child’s Gully Labs. Gully Labs combines play, hands-on learning, and inspired mentorship to provide new opportunities and possibilities. Children come together and determine their topics of interest as wide-ranging as their own imaginations, find inspiration, develop curiosity, and feel supported in a safe environment. Weekly project themes go beyond just theory. Topics range from 3D printing, water chemistry, game design and human anatomy to kinetics in the form of martial arts, stunts, and dance.

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We are looking to raise $14,000 which will provide over 200 children learning opportunities for the next 5 years! That’s only six cents ($0.06) per day, per child!

Your donation of $100 gives 8 children an entire year’s worth of learning!