3-D Printed Prosthetics

Cutting edge technology for humanitarian good has taken the world by storm. In today's world you can 3D print almost anything you can think of, including prosthetics. 

Limitless Child jumped on the wave of these prosthetics early on, utilizing designs from leaders in the low-cost, open source, print-yourself revolution. 

This seemed like the answer to address a need we had seen up close and personally on countless visits to orphanages where children were deprived of access to advanced medical care, most notably, access to prosthetics.

However, after working with the current designs, we determined that there were significant shortcomings, which meant that the prosthetic could not actually serve the needs of our target population, vulnerable children in under-resourced environments.  We realized that what's missing is a comprehensive and responsible approach to the design and use and that is much more than one-time give-a-way is needed.

Limitless Child is working with a network of established professionals in the tech, health care, and children's services sectors to create a 360 degree approach to the design and implementation of a low-cost, easily manufactured prosthetic. Our approach will employs pre- and post-assessments for proper fitting and functionality, and incorporate cultural considerations into each aspect of our prosthetic program.

Through high quality, comprehensive programming we will ensure that the life of each child is improved not only today, but tomorrow, as well.

Please help children in need by supporting our collaborative research.