Dedicated and diverse experts with a proven record of success.


Ground Team

Namita MohandesMobile Play & Learning Program Coordinator, India

Coby UngerMobile Play and Learning Program Coordinator, United States

Fin DuckerSports Program Coordinator, United States

Kaite Lamarre, Community Outreach Coordinator, United States

Shradha MagarCommunity Outreach Coordinator, India


Senior Leadership

Jenny Mills, MSWExecutive Director

Tom DiFilipoPresident & CEO



Peter Leppanen, MSFormer CEO of Wide Horizons for Children

Steve diFilipo, MAIT Consultant

Christina Tobias-Nahi, MA, EDm,  Director of Public Affairs, Islamic Relief USA

MInal Dani, LICSW, Founder of ASHA

Jesse Eaves, MA, Director of Policy + Public Relations, Humanity United

Ambassador Susan Jacobs, Department of State, Retired

Sarah Boisvert, MBAFounder of Fab Lab Hubs

Tom DiFilipo, Limitless Child International