Peer Sports

We all know that sports are inextricably tied to the notion of childhood.  But for children in orphanages and impoverished communities, sports are not an option.  This robs them of some of the most important experiences of childhood.  These children survive but do little else, trapped in the isolation of an orphanage or confined by the extreme poverty of slums, facing constant risk, including early school drop out, child marriage, forced labor, and sexual and domestic violence.

Through the Peer Sports Program we utilize play, sport and learning to make a difference.  Play is an essential building block for every child's well-being.  Play through sports gives opportunities for healthy physical development, learning the value of teamwork and conflict resolution, building connections with caring adults.  Sports for a child living in the slums or an orphanage can provide a pathway not dictated by fate, but full of hope.

This program also provides a unique opportunity for peer to peer learning and relationship building between US high school students and marginalized children in India through an annual week-long soccer clinic in India aimed at introducing the game of soccer and fostering global understanding, leadership skills, and lifelong connections.