The Bell Fox Playground and Park

The Bell Fox Playground and Park will convert a trash-filled dirt field into 150’ x 51’ play area designed for longevity, safety, and most importantly…FUN! Here are a few pictures of what it is now. And what it can be with your support.

The playground and park will include; an open play area; playground section with slides, swings and other play units; a shaded play area; a garden; a beautification program. And this isn’t a “build it, job done”. To make sure that the playground can be used for at least 15 years, we’ll be implementing a sustainability and oversight program in the overall project.

The pictures below are just two examples of the play units we intend to use and have used in other playgrounds we’ve constructed. This type of equipment will provide over 20 years of play!

We’ve estimated the budget for the entire project to be approximately $4,500. That’s only three cents ($0.03) per child per day!

Your donation of $100 gives 15 children the chance to play for an entire year!